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Wednesday 18th January 2012 was certainly different... it was a day of thinking, realising and being part of something big.

As Wednesday for the first time ever I travelled to London alone, conquering the trains and tubes, even though I did end up delayed. I finally made it to the Save The Children HQ in Farringdon in one piece. As that Wednesday I was going to meet some of the amazing campaigners that had worked on raising awareness of the #HungerCharter that we wanted David Cameron to sign.

Before I knew it the six Save the Children campaigners (including me) were off to hand in a petition calling on David Cameron to sign up to the Charter to End Extreme Hunger. We each stood outside 10 Downing Street with our beautiful t-shirts with the city we were representing on the front.

the campaigners, taken by Georgie Scott/Save The Children

the Guardian had actually featured a story about Save the Children’s and Oxfam’s newly released report – A Dangerous Delay on the front page that morning. More than 30 million people are still affected by the crisis (the drought in the Horn of Africa), and A Dangerous Delay outlines some of the steps that can be taken to avoid a similar situation happening again.

After the madness of whether we were going to get the big charter inside the gate, it came down to one simple thing.. we had to hand it into the house. So David Cameron I hope you enjoy the huge version in the hallway.

At the same time the lovely Twitter takeover had been taking place with a huge success. Hundreds of people had been using the PMQs hashtag. Mark Lazarowicz – a Labour MP from Edinburgh had spoke up!

Mark Lazarowicz said a report from aid agencies showed the crisis in the Horn of Africa was not helped by a delay in the international response. He added that West Africawas on the verge of a similar crisis. 

Responding, Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK response in East Africa had been quick, but the Horn Africa was difficult to get aid into due to terrorist groups inSomalia. He said it was important to learn the lessons and said he would “look into” a response in West Africa.

On returned to the Save the Children offices, the campaigns team were celebrating the success. We sat down and had a chat over lunch, about the next phase of the campaign, we need the Government to keep their word to help!

All pictures taken by Georgie Scott/Save The Children

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