Obsessions with Brands

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It is strange to think how important the term brand has become in relation to fashion. Wherever you are and whatever age you are you cannot escape it. I do not have problems with brands as such more with the obsession that a lot of people have to have this brand or that brand to feel accepted in society. For example I got a pair of Vans recently my old trainers broke and they were the cheapest in the shop that fitted me and were comfy, as soon as I get home, my sister screams at me (she’s 14) “Omg you have vans” I want vans all my friends have vans and she then persists in asking me if she can wear them to a party she is going to so she can impress her friends with my shoes.

It seems that young people are becoming more and more obsessed with brands such as Cath Kidson everyone has Cath Kidson this or that just so they can say they own something Cath Kidson, or brands such as Hollister and Jack Wills many people in my year are obsessed with this and there isn’t a day I go without someone wearing one of those brands around school I mean there’s
nothing wrong with the clothes themselves there hoodies are lush but I wouldn’t but I wouldn't have bought mine if it wasn’t in the sale and wasn’t so comfy and thick .

In my opinion this obsession with brands we have developed is unhealthy the more obsessed with a brand people become the more expensive the product mark-up seems to be and the more this addiction seems to cost us. No wonder a large amount of us are in debt have to have the latest crazy in fashion. For me what matters is what looks and feels good to wear not what brand it is or how much it cost you sure it’s nice to feel part of something but it won’t be long before the charm of it disappears and your left with little amount of money and when you get your money back there is another expensive must have item that must be bought.

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