The Children in Syria

Thousands have died in the conflict and thousands more have been maimed, tortured or forced to flee their homes.

Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children
This is Mohamad he is only Eight years old, Mohamad and his family arrived in Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan three days ago to escape the coilence in Syria. They ran in fear of their lives after witnessing the heavy attacks in their town, where their home is now destroyed by shelling. The conditions of the area are harsh and camp authorities are underfunded and struggle to meet the basic needs of the overwhelming number of refugees arriving each day. Over 65% of the camp is made up of children like Mohamad.

Here’s a link to one of the Save the Children film featuring the children telling their accounts of the conflict.

How can you help...

By signing this petition (here) you can 'speak' out about wanting the UN to step up its documentation of all violations of children’s rights in Syria and that it should have more resources to do this, so that crimes against children are not committed with impunity.

or by donating even just the smallest amount (here) to allow the families to get the basic essentials in camp like food, blankets, soap, buckets and towels.

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