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Anyone that knows me well on twitter / instagram or real life will know how much I love to have painted nails. It's calming and a task I can manage to complete quite quick now a days. So knowing that people may realise my favourite store has been for a long time boots.

Though my nails are my personal pride, doing make-up is not so much. It's something I just don't feel I have the time to do most mornings, so for me it's saved for special events. Knowing this Sunday coming is going to be a special day, I thought it was time to treat myself to some new items. You can more pictures in our google+ album.

my buys

I decided to stick to some nice natural colours which there was plenty of choice from in the collection from boots when it came to eyes and lips. Of course I had to get some new nail varnish for my collection too, (it's the rule) but I was slightly disappointed in the lack of range that they offered for nails some more bright and vibrant colours would of been nice for the spring.

Then during the evening I tried out some techniques to see what results our new buys would have and I must say I am pretty happy with the shades as well as the gorgeous smell of the Wild Strawberry Spray. I think there will be some very happy results for Sunday.

So here are some of my tips I've picked up on having semi-decent make-up, 

Start light then go darker, which works perfectly with our duo eye shadow set.
You can use a brush, but I actually used my little finger, get a small amount of the lightest colour and apply to the entire eye up to the brow bone. Then apply the darker shade to the lid. 

Start apply the lip gloss in the middle and blend out, stopping just short of the edge to prevent bleeding.

By using a lip liner pencil you can help capture a more intense colour.

Wipe any excess polish from the brush onto the inner rim of the bottle. 
Paint a stripe down the center of your nail, followed by one on either side.

If you start with your pinky finger and work back towards your thumb this will best stop any smudges.

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