Pink Stripes tutorial

I love freshly painted nails, I gave the days of being an art student up a long time ago it seems and in replacement. When I get me time, I will crack open the box and pick out some new colours and get experimenting. 

I decided that the theme for the week should be a bit girly, and bright so after a pretty purple pattern on Sunday. I thought it was time to bring out the pink and after seeing some amazing designs on pinterest. I stuck to something simple and decided to do it free handed.

First I did two coats of a shiny white/silver varnish in which I got from a set at Christmas, my friends know me so well when it comes to presents!

Then with my lighter shade of pink (again from the same set) I did a swipe diagonally across each nail. Waited for it to dry and then went over it again. 

Finishing up I used the same technique, just with a darker shade and left a stripe of the light pink visible. Then cleaned up round the edges with a bit of nail varnish remover and a cotton bud.

Obviously because it was done free-hand my lines and stripes are not exact / perfect but with practice it is possible to get a decent result. Everyone that has seen them have been pretty impressed too! win/win!

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