It doesn't have to be pink

It is clear to see that when there is a new baby on the way, typically it is not long before people begin to question whether the impending arrival is a girl or boy. People then seem to buy the typical 'coloured' theme gifts whether it clothes or bedding (not everyone is like this but I have seen it a lot lately). 

Though there seems to be a rise on very awesome and colourful collections now available.
Here are three of my favourite - the main one being the patternology collection which has a retro twist. 

Patternology range from Mamas & Papas
Funky Friends range from Kiddicare

Little Bird range from Jools Oliver (Mothercare)
Now I can't be the only one that prefer collections like this, although there have been collections out for ages for an unisex room (I'm not that oblivious) but I am fed up of the standard yellow rooms and winnie the pooh themes (although I have nothing against people that make that choice).

Like I say it gets little boring walking around large displays of pink or blue in the shops or being expected to based an entire room or wardrobe based on the gender of a child.

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