Shiny New Bike

I was very honoured to be part of the Team Honk Relay.
How I was going to travel, I left til the last minute.
I was very honoured to have this package turn up.

The wonderful Argos have a collection of nice, new, shiny bicycles.
Inside my then wet box was my very own bike.
Cross Hybrid 700C Bike to be more exact.
Eager to unpack and get it on the road.
I had to attach the front wheel, mud guard and pedals.
It didn't take too long. Luckily all the tools you needed are included.

The Hybrid should be suitable for on and off road (within reason).
It is lighter than bikes I have had in the past.
With 18 gears with Revoshift shifters to choose from.
Once up and running, it was such an easy ride.
Comfortable seat for longer rides.

It wasn't long before I could reach 5 miles in 26 minutes. 
After realising it had been a year without touching a bike let alone riding a distance.

I can't wait to be able to cut that time down.

this post is in association with Argos

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