Single Chain Loom Band Tutorial

Working with children you see things come and go, whether it be the latest football cards, marbles, Pokemon or crazy bones (remember those?!). The crazes of the playground, those things banned from the classroom but playtime is a different matter. 
It seems the latest trend, stopping children running around, enjoying some fresh air and getting active are these Loom Bands (yes all they are, are little coloured elastic bands) but these bands can create different patterns via different techniques to create bracelets, necklaces and key rings. Sadly it not so fun seeing most of the playground sitting around making such creations, when they should be burning off some energy but each to their own. 

After a bit of research and finding myself sporting a bracelet gifted to me. (See picture)
This basic chain seems simple enough. Most stores seem to now sell the basic starter packs - and this chain does NOT require the loom frame.

Double over your first band and slide onto the c-clip.
Now with rubber band #2 slide it halfway through rubber band #1.
Grab the two sides of #2 and hold them together. 
Slide #3 halfway through #2 and hold onto the two sides of #3
Continue the method of sliding each band through the next - keeping hold of the latest one to stop them slipping. 
Create any pattern you like and continue to a length that happily fits round the wrist without being too tight. 
Simply finish but putting the two side of the last band onto the c-clip.

There you have it, your very own single chain loom bracelet.

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