REVIEW: Rainbow Braid refill pack

I am a sucker for all things crafty. Simple as that.
My trusty looms and forever growing collection of bands.
Then I found out about Rainbow Braid refill pack.
5400 bands and 250 clips for currently under £15.

6 glow in the dark colours, 5 glitter and 7 solid.

So I scanned youtube,
Found this tutorial for Mickey Mouse.
Sat there, got stuck several times... Like you do.
A few snapshot moments.

Wondered how children are so good at coming up with these ideas.
Eventually ended up with this...

Impressive right?!
The bands were decent to pull at without breaking,
which is quite handy to be honest.
As we all know that frustration of a band breaking halfway through right!?
The colours are strong and vibrant. The glitter not hugely noticeable but still pretty.
I would recommend them if you were looking for a bulk of bands.

*we were sent the refill pack to try out! though this does not influence our opinions in anyway.

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