Origami flowers in 10 steps

What you need:
- 5x 3"x3" squares of paper.
- 1x pipe cleaner
- flower tape
- hot glue gun
- 1x button

Lets get making:

1. Colour side down fold in half corner to corner.

2. Bring the two sides to meet in the middle.

3. Flatten out the folded side.

4. Fold down the small triangle seen at top of now folded sides.

5. Fold back together and use hot glue gun to stick together.
(May need to hold it together til glue dries to ensure it doesn't come apart)

6. Continue steps above to make up total of 5 petals.

7. Using flower tape, cover pipe cleaner to create length wanted.

8. Stick 3 or 4 petals together by putting small amounts of glue down edges.

9. Glue pipe cleaner into the middle of the petals and add remaining petals.
(Ensure it doesn't stick out from top of petals)

10. Using a button glue in the middle of flower to make it look pretty and tidy.

And ta-Dah you should have your first origami flower!?

Did you try it? Be sure to share your attempts! 

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