REVIEW: quick reads

"1 in 6 adults of working age in the UK find reading difficult and may never pick up a book."

Guilty as charged, I don't pick up books.
There is a huge lack of desire to,
Typical adult books are too much of a struggle.
I'll choose the Gruffalo over Fifty Shades any day! 
Plain and simple I am so used to reading to children, 
I've never wanted to read for myself.
Remembering those English lessons when each person read a little piece out loud,
Deep down I was freaking out every time,
Because I knew that even if I did manage to read it with no mistakes,
I sure as hell was struggling to understand what was in front of me.
I was in College literally a few months before being called in,
To be asked, actually for the first time in my life, if I actually struggled.
My words were in a jumble.
In the years that followed I have attempted to focus more,
Attempted to read better,
Maybe then my words won't be in such a muddle.

For the second year, I have been given the chance to check out Quick Reads,
These amazing little collection, from known authors,
books just a £1 with a short story.
Shouldn't take too long to read, 
Shouldn't require a lot of attention.
A variety of genres,
Perfect for someone like me!
I would hugely recommend 'pictures or it didn't happen'.

(They are even sponsored by Galaxy so why not pick up a bar whilst you have a little sit down and read.)

"Quick Reads is making real, lasting changes to people’s lives.  Since 2006 we have distributed over 4.5 million books, registered 3 million library loans and through the outreach work hundreds of thousands of new readers each year, often in some of the hardest to reach communities, are introduced to the joys and benefits of reading. Quick Reads is a unique collaboration and we are very grateful for the support of everyone involved." -

*i was offered the collection in return for a review, this has not influenced my opinions in any way.

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