A Girl Cave

I am a typical girl who loves her gadgets, sod having a man cave.
The cave would be all mine mwahaha!
But what would be in my cave of awesomeness,

1) iPad 
- Well I already have a iPad mini, and I wouldn't be anything without it.
Handy to just chuck in my bag if going out, it would definitely come to the cave with me.

2) TV
- I do need something to watch cheesy daytime TV on.
A nice TV {it don't even need to be big} but DVD & Freeview built in thanks! 

3) Laptop
- Now I used to have one, which I got rid of and replaced with the iPad post college and now... I regret that choice. Blogging would be so much easier with a laptop back in my life, but what is the best model?

4) A speaker system
- Every cave needs a brilliant sound system surely?! Have recently fell in love with the Panasonic wireless system speakers. 

5) Console
- Yes I am a sucker for a good game, no I don't mean all that CoD. Give me the classic sonic or mario themed games any day.

6) Fridge
- FOOD!?! Even just a mini fridge in the corner for some snacks and drink. How tiny and perfect to sneak away in the corner of a room.

7) Camera
- I love my camera, I love how bright & colourful it is! I love what it's capable of and with a tripod to it would look awesome and handy set up in the corner for product photos.

8) Lights
- LEDs are so popular now, lights come in so many different styles. 
As well as a typical ceiling light, how cool would it be to have cute chains LED lights, maybe in a bowl on a desk.

9) Chair
- Comfort, considering the amount of time I would end up spending in the Cave ;) I would need a cosy chair, I could use at a desk or chill in to game/watch TV.

So excluding the amount of photos, prints, storage units that I would fill my 'perfect cave' up with. There are my top 9 wants! What would you have?

*Written in Collaboration with Panasonic. 

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