A self-obsessed drawer

I have spent spent many hours scanning through blog posts,
Checking out insta feeds, following links shared on facebook,
And I have seen something pop up more and more lately.
'Colouring for Adults' as I see articles on the new trend,
The feeds of others bright and colourful creations.

I sit and look over at shelving unit, 
The stacks of pencils, pens, craft supply after supply.
Books with torn papers and pencils sticking out used as bookmarks, 
For it seems I am a colour-er but the difference being,
I have been for ages,
I have not followed no trend,
Nor did I wish to,
I have been a drawer and colour-er for years.
I am forever picking up a new colouring book,
Or another batch of pencils in the shop.
No idea where I am going to put any of it,
But the idea of being arty makes me smile,
It is a relaxation technique,
Go look back at my school books and college notepads,
Doodles of colour all over the place,
They weren't that impressed with me.
But it distracted me, 
I forget about all my worries and stresses,
I get to do something I can enjoy!

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