Top makeup tips for a natural look

So makeup is not my strong point, but when I find the time to actually put some on it is very much a natural colours, and basic. I always find myself not making much of an effort due to my glasses. Time and time again I have considered the idea of contact lenses, then I could make more effort with my makeup.

Collette Casey has recently imparted her wisdom on how to get the most out of the Acuvue® Define™ beauty enhancing contact lenses. 

In the video Collette gives her top 5 tips on how to enhance your natural beauty from:

Tip 1 - illuminating your face.
Tip 2 - perfecting your brows.
Tip 3 - add some blush.
Tip 4 - making your eyes pop with the perfect eye shadow. 
Tip 5 - finishing off with natural glossy lips.

So what are my very own tips
- if using eyeshadow, use more than one shade. Start light and go darker as you move out from the centre. 
- when applying foundation / powder use downwards strokes to avoid creating a 'fuzz' that will be noticeable.
- move the mascara wand in a zigzag motion starting from the roots.

The one day Acuvue® Define™ does not change the colour of your eyes, but helps enhance the colour of your natural iris for an increased impact. They come in two designs to suit your eye colour; Natural Shimmer for more depth and intensity or Natural Sparkle to add a luminous brightening effect.

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