My Little Pony - Baby Cakes

My Little Pony is back again...and you can now get a new DVD to add to the collection.
Girls and Boys everywhere will love visiting Equestria, for 5 mini adventures with your favourite gang. 
Baby Cakes / Hearth's Warming Eve / The Last Roundup / 
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 / Read It and Weep

One of party pony Pinkie Pie’s favourite things to do is to play with twin, Pound Cake & Pumpkin Cake. When Mr. & Mrs. Cake are in desperate need of a babysitter, Pinkie Pie volunteers as she could think of nothing better than spending lots of time with the twins. She soon realizes, that babysitting is much tougher than she had thought. Despite doing her best the twins they keep ending up in floods of tears!

When Pinkie Pie finds herself in this bit of a predicament what will she do?
Find out when Baby Cakes arrives on DVD and Digital Download, 25th May. Perfect timing for a half term treat, this cute addition even came with 6 awesome Pony badges!

Putting the DVD into the computer you can access 2 colouring sheets available to print off,
Which I have also made available here.

Link to Print
Link to Print

*We received a copy of MLP - Baby Cakes to review, this doesn't not affect our opinions in anyway.

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