She didn't wear pink!

I know you are probably sick of posts about the royal baby,
But this is not a post about how cute Princess Charlotte is,
Nor how amazing it is that we have another Royal to the family.
This is how even though standing outside the Lindo Wing,
Not sure whether I felt excited or not, really,
I was just waiting to see what she was wearing, 
Prince William already seen in blue, 
But would our Kate being coming out in pink,
For the new little Princess.
We stood, we waited...
The doors went,
The crowd got excited.
Out they came,
There she stood! 
A smile came across my face,
Not in some gender typical pink,
But in a stunning yellow print dress.
London buzzed for the new arrival,
Painting the town pink in honour of her.
A little Princess.
Forever in the eyes of the public,
Congratulations Kate & Wills. 

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