World Triathlon 2015

With a tiring, wet start...
Hitting Hyde Park at 6am. (Yes I am mad)
The rain finally stopped,
More volunteers began to arrive.
Chatting to some lovely ladies,
Hearing their stories of experiences from other events.
It took your mind of the grey clouds...
Having a brief;
Taken to the point for the day.
The transition point! Aces!

Swim-in, Run-out
Add in lots of normal pedestrians,
and them asking twenty questions.
Certainly should become an interesting job!
Watching the participates pushing their bodies,
Amazed by the strength as they just keep going.

Thanks to Lottery Good Causes I managed to win tickets
To watch the elites from the grandstands.
The rain held off, and we experienced the masters at their best.

Well kind of …

Poor Johnny Brownlee suffered a fall back, after having a puncture with his bike.
However the other favourite Alistair Brownlee dominated and won the race with ease.
In the female elites, there was a surprise from Sophie Caldwell - 
who kept up with the more experienced.

But the race saw a brilliant win from Gwen Jorgensen.

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