Five things about 5k training you ought to follow

  • Find the right pair of running shoes

Your feet will be the most important thing on the day, so you need to look after them. Some sporting goods or shoe stores have staff who are trained in fitting people with the right footwear for the right activity, so that's a good place to start.

  • Take your time

It is vital that you give yourself enough time to prepare. So no booking races that are just round the corner, if you are a complete beginner allow a couple of months to build up first. Push yourself to do it too quick and you put yourself at risk of a serious injury.
Writing an actual training plan, will help plot your journey - there are plenty of resources online to help. Downloading the Kiqplan Race for Life fitness app might help, as it is a 12-week programme designed to get you ready for the race.

  • Look after yourself 

Nutrition is key, the proper diet can mean the difference between a successful run or debilitating fatigue, so think about it. Carbs that you can get from unprocessed fruit & veg and whole grains can give you the energy to keep going. Although sugars may make you feel like you have more energy at the time you will find you will plummet just as quick.
Resting is just as important, running every day will not give your body the time to recover and repeat over-doing it can result in injuries such as stress fractures or shin splints. Which defiantly means missing out on race day.

  • Find a running buddy or group

It may not seem like a very social sport when watching the competition on the TV but actually in reality training and running in charity events is overly social and will actually help you do better. When I started and to this day, if I'm out on my own although I can run I don't do half as well as I do if I am with friends. Having a buddy to chat to you feel happier, you don't feel as stressed and focused on how far you are going. the journey certainly goes quicker {or at least feels like it}.

  • Build it up

While you're running be sure to alternate between running and walking to start with. A good first week of running is 20-30 minutes three times a week. As your body improves add short hills as they require strength and endurance, it will help develop speed and muscle power. Strength training itself will strengthen the muscles making actions more powerful and efficient. Incorporate variations of squats, lunges, step-ups and calf raises. Theses will target your shins, calves, quads, glutes, and core.

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