My Little Pony - Putting Your Hoof Down

Yes I know... Another My Little Pony post, but how can you not love these little beauty's.
They are such a winner with young and well old kids.

5 wonderful episode of pony adventures, 
Hearts and Hooves Day / A Friend in Deed
Putting Your Hoof Down / It's About Time / Dragon Quest

The main episode 'Putting Your Hoof Down' is such a classic, I remember first seeing it on the TV and amazed watching a different side of Fluttershy.

Sick of being pushed around by others and being a doormat, Fluttershy takes a class on assertiveness taught by self-help guru Minotaur; Iron Will. Fluttershy is thrilled with her new found confidence but when her concerned friends Rarity and Pinkie Pie confront her about her recent behavior, she mistakes their concern for an attack and retaliates by insulting them. Distraught by the upset she’s caused her friends Fluttershy locks herself in her cottage.

Concerned about her, Pinkie Pie and Rarity come by to try and coax her out by explaining she doesn't have to be a bully to be assertive. Fluttershy must learn that there is a time and place for being self-assured, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve being bossy and mean. This concept is suddenly tested when Iron Will pays her a visit demanding payment for his services…

You can't help but feel a little proud of Fluttershy in this episode, Yes I fully understand it is a character in a children's program shhh... don't ruin it for me! ;)

So what lesson will you learn, from these mini adventures...

My Little Pony: Putting Your Hoof Down 
gallops onto DVD and Digital Download, 6th July.

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