Sure Compressed Deodorant

Who doesn't love the fact it has finally heated up, 
It's time to leave the jumpers and layers at home.
Enjoy summer dresses and tops.
But we have to say it with being active, and the heat...
equals SWEAT!

Not to fear though fellow women, 
Sure has created a antiperspirant in compressed can,
Meaning less air, but the same amount of product as a regular can.
Freshness all day on a smaller scale!

So I put it to the test...
With two new fragrances in the range,
Cotton Fresh and Shower Fresh.

Sprayed first thing in the morning,
After enduring a long walk, 
Everyday tasks and simply being on since half 7.
I still felt fresh and smelled good.
I much prefer the Shower Fresh smell.
It is said that Sure is softer on your skin, and it definitely felt that way!

The compressed packaging definitely appeals to me,
and will do for many others I believe.
I can chuck it in my bag and take it on the go with me,
Just in case.

Retailed at around £2 from most supermarkets.

*I received to 2 sample sprays to try out, this does not influence our opinions.

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