Executive SWIG flask

Looking for a gift that is a little different,
Well it's not exactly different,
But it is certainly not as popular as it used to be.

Through the post arrived a parcel,
Opening it up revealed a bright blue box, wrapped in ribbon.
Quite a nice presentation box really,
Makes it great for gift giving.
Inside a padded cushion,
a stainless-steel hip flask, with a leather pouch.
Just on top a SWIG society club card.

executive blue SWIG flask
This flask is from their Executive range and is available in 5 colour options:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Union Jack

Buying a SWIG flask allows you to become part of the society,
As well as the little card, the flask itself is engraved with your ID.

The SWIG® Society Member Perks:
  1. Claim your SWIG® Flask Number.
  2. Invitation to the annual party for SWIG® Society members.
  3. Upcoming: Monthly SWIG® whisky refills.
  4. Free 'SWIG® Society' pouch (Delivery TBA)
  5. A membership ranking is based on your flask number.

From the little team in London I think they have done a great job,
it makes for a lovely photograph,
It should never leak, split or taint the alcohol within.
I think this Flask makes for a wonderful gift,
It would certainly be interesting for them to come back into fashion.
So who would you buy one for?

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