my first tattoo

Ah I only went and did it,
After being offered to have a tattoo paid for me for my 18th,
I turned it down... Mainly because I was shit scared!
But something never really went away,
Every few months I would find myself looking on pinterest at designs.
Seeing images on facebook of friend's new tats.
In some sense I was jealous.

Then came my 21st recently and with everything I decided I had enough of waiting,
I had the design picked out, 
The appointment booked,
I simply had to woman up and actually go.

The biggest off put was everyone's different responses,
"Oh it's going to hurt"
"It'll only be like little pinches"
"It's going to look stupid"
"Are you really sure?!"

Just to name a few,
Going in it was scary I didn't know what it was going to feel like,
The guy was lovely, wasn't waiting long.
Luckily the only ones in there meaning if I cried (at least no-one else would see)

Hearing the machine start, I think my head did panic.
I looked away, but as soon as it touched.
I relaxed, it honestly didn't hurt.
It was a weird, explainable feeling.
Took 30 minutes top.
Don't get me wrong, I had to bite my lip when the moon was being done.
Overall though it was fine.

Now 4 days on,
It is healing nicely,
I am following the after care sheet.
But it itches like mad!
It is so hard not to scratch it... argh!

I love it though!
Yes I would do it again, but only if I find a design I truly fall in love with.

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