Top Travelling Tips with Twentieth Century Fox

Travelling with children can be stressful,
We have all seen or experienced it.
So here are three top tricks I have come across:

Bring Snacks

It don't usually matter what is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can guarantee that within 20 minutes of the journey starting the words "I'm hungry" is on repeat. Save having to stop off somewhere hide some packets of raisins, maybe a couple of tubs of chopped up fruit and veg. Snacking does not have to be unhealthy! 
If travelling on a plane, I have seen it can be helpful to have sucky sweets to help with ears popping which can be quite distressing for young children.

Bring a Tablet

It sounds obvious now a days I'm sure, but serious - load it up with games before leaving.
Bring headphones and have some music or films. Fox has just released a new app 'Movie of the Day' for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the app gives you a chance to purchase your favourite Fox Films on Digital HD through daily sales (up to 70% off) for 24hrs. Like most apps you can share your finds through social media, the app itself is free to download. The app gives you a chance to check out clips, cast and plot before you buy if looking for something a bit different.

Get crafty

No I don't mean bring the whole craft box from in the cupboard, find a colouring book and some crayons. You can actually get ones little and compact suitable for travelling. Maybe bring some plain notepad for writing and own drawings and stickers to make their own little creations.

Travelling via Gatwick this summer?

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and UK airport advertising specialist Eye Airports have teamed up to offer families the chance to download films to their phone, tablet or device ahead of their departures. This summer holidaymakers will be able to purchase films from the ‘Movies on the Move’ selection which offers  great films like the funny Penguins of Madagascar, the awesome Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, or maybe a bit of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for older children and many more, with ease.

Whilst the kids are having a play in the soft play area located in the upper South Terminal departure lounge, you can download your favourite films via a free, high speed connection. On entering the digital download zone and connecting to Movies on the Move Wi-Fi, travelers’ devices will take you to the page to select a film and download via a preffered platform (iTunes, Google Play, Blinkbox or Amazon Instant Video) but guess what it ONLY takes 10 minutes! Yes I am being serious.
* in under 10 minutes (for standard definition) or under 20 minutes (for high definition).

Travelling is a tiring experience and anything to make the journey easier has got to be a plus right! Heading off anywhere before school starts again in September?
What are your top tips for travelling with children, old or young?!

* We got some goodies in return for this post, this does not affect our opinions in anyway. 

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