5 tips for a kids bedroom

There always seems to be a forever battle to design the best children's bedroom. 
So with the help of others here a compiled list of 5 tips to help get you thinking,

Tip #1 - Think long term.
Avoid spending too much on anything that will be outgrown within a few years.
Stick with full-sized furniture, as much as nursery themed items can look super cute!
Think of wardrobes and drawers that could in theory be used into the teenage years.

Tip #2 - Listen to your 'clients'.

As silly as this may sound, listen to your kids.
Let them be part of designing their rooms, well they are the ones that need to sleep in there.
image source - Ikea
Tip #3 - Get creative.
Lack of space, but lots of cuddly toys? Feel it's looking a little dull in there?
Get creative with storage and the walls. 
You don't just have to think about paint or wallpaper, consider frames and shelves.
Rather than all the cuddly toys on the bed/floor there are some cool hanging storage options available.

Tip #4 - Work with a budget.
As stupid as it may sound, working with a strict budget will stop you buying stuff you really don't need.
As lovely as that extra set of draws may look, you may not have the room for it.

Tip #5 - Make it Personal.
As much as you love that picture of the room in the ikea catalogue, so does everyone else.
But we really don't need a catalogue picture perfect room.
Hang up their artwork, make decorations together... bunting is always a good one or names on the door.

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