A whole lot of leg ache

Ok so this maybe completely against the point of this post whilst I am sat here munching away of crisps and slurping my drink, 
but then again it is a Sunday and Sundays are meant to be the day off to treat yourself right?! Well... that's what I am going by anyway.

Tomorrow is Monday and although I have already started in some respects, 
I have also realised how close things are getting. 
October Third Run or Dye UK is returning to Kent AGAIN! 
Which means we are hitting the grounds of Hever Castle to get messy & hopefully get a good time.
It is a beautiful course and there is still time to sign up.
After crossing the finish line, runners, and spectators, can celebrate!
The world famous Dye Festival amazing tunes, brilliant atmosphere even when it started to rain.
Then only two weeks later, my friend and I will be crazy enough, 
to be taking part in Super Saturday when it comes to Ashford.
Pretty sure she is close to disowning me.
Then I do believe that is it for the year, no more actual events.

But between now and then and obviously following on afterwards, 
I will hopefully be using the gym a lot.
To build up some strength and mileage,
This past week I have been naughty and not gone at all, 
as you can tell by my stuffing my face whilst writing this. 
I have a habit of losing motivation for the gym though if I go alone,
So I set myself a challenge to complete 52 miles a month between the cross trainer, bike and treadmill.
That works out just short of two marathons worth a month.
In theory completely do able across a month,
Hopefully this distance will increase in the upcoming months.
You have to start somewhere small though.

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