Can I Start My Own Creche?

If your passion is raising children, then running a creche is the most fulfilling job in the world. It’s so rewarding watching the children grow up. Best of all, you have a helping hand in their development. You’ll help them build their social skills as they interact with other children. You’ll encourage the development of the motor skills, and their communication abilities. Is there any better age than three-four? We think not! The children are growing inquisitive, developing their personalities, and you can help them.

Starting a creche is a wonderful thing to do for the community. And it could be your next big step in life. But it’s not easy. Working with children requires strict training, qualifications, and regulations. But, it is possible. Here’s how to start your own nursery or child care institution.

Qualifications - To work with children, you need a strict qualification. This usually involves an NVQ in care work, and extensive experience with children in particular. You’ll also need a CRB check to ensure you’re safe and qualified to work with young children.

Regulations - The creche itself will have to be vetted and inspected by your governing body. We suggest getting hold of a copy of the National Standards for creches. This details all the regulations you need to effectively (and legally) run a nursery facility. It includes everything from equipment to safety to food to organisation. It’s very detailed, and you’ll have to make sure you comply across the board.

Premises - Once you’re sure you’re qualified and registered to run a childcare facility, you need a place to start! Some small creches and nurseries are run from home. So long as your house complies to regulations, there’s no problem with this at all. However, we often find it better to find a dedicated space for the creche. Modular classrooms are perfect for this, and you can find out more at

Organisation - Running a creche is like running any other business. You need to make sure the organisation is handled perfectly. That means getting in touch with parents and communicating effectively with them. You’ll make sure that every aspect of the day runs smoothly. From drop-off to pick-up, and everything in between. You’ll have to put someone in charges of the budget, and the costs involved with running the business.

Food and drink - One key thing to bear in mind is the food and drink on site. In some cases, parents will bring their children along with a packed lunch. But, many will expect you to provide the right food. Make sure you provide food that is safe for all ages to eat. You should also make sure the parents are all aware of the food on site, in case there are any allergies.

Health and safety - Naturally, while the children are in your care, you are responsible for their health and safety. We suggest hiring a third-party safety audit team to check the premises regularly. They’ll highlight hazards, and offer advice.

You can start your own creche (and it will be the most rewarding thing you ever do!) Just make sure you follow the guidelines to the letter. There are no shortcuts when it comes to children.

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