Finding Me

If I am honest I don't know where this post is going, or what I am even trying to say.
Life right now has become some commercialised show.

This blog once full of activities, beautiful (ok maybe just beautiful in my eyes) photographs and lovely memories. Is lately just covered in sponsored content, don't get me wrong there are some posts I actually quite like, others I sit and wonder why I agreed to them. I presume a lot of it is down to Christmas being right round the corner. I need to get stricter on what to accept, I want to go back to those lovely posts I was once proud of. Make my blog... well mine again! 

I am not some wonderful writer that can make a reader laugh or cry. 
I struggle to put together a sentence that actually makes sense.
But I am not after awards and recognition, I just want those ideas and memories to look back on and share.

I know I have recently spoke about my fitness journey improving.
Even more so that I have confirmed another event on top of that which I will be writing about soon.
Though pushing my limits in taking part in something completely different to my usual events, but it should be great fun!
Life is also being to take a change which those on other social media may have started to hear about, but again that is a post I have set to explain separately.

See told you I am going to get back to life posts... 

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