Guys Urban Challenge

Run the streets. 
Spin the pedals. 
Climb the stairs of the world’s tallest hospital building. 
Guy's Urban Challenge is a unique relay race involving running, spinning and stair-climbing. 

How do you spend your Saturdays ? This afternoon this will be me, in a panic I would assume. Although I have been good and trained, I have no where near trained as much as some other people probably have and that does worry me. I maybe the last one on the course, but then should that matter? No I don't think so, I am doing something to raise money for an amazing cause and that's all that matters. Of course there will probably be an update on here during the week, with probably some hugely embarrassing photos with me half dead in them. Recovering this time round is certainly going to be interesting. Follow the day on my twitter @cookiejarlife

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