How To Wear Maternity Clothes Without Compromising Style

I’ve always considered myself a woman of particular style, a style which I have crafted and perfected through much of my life. So when I fell pregnant, I was a little disheartened by the sudden changes in my body, and day by day, the sense of dread grew as I gradually convinced myself that the next six months of my life would be spent wearing my husband’s shirts and old sweat pants, a fate I deem worse than death which resulted in me never wanting to leave the house. But after chatting to a few of my friends who have gone through a pregnancy before, and searching online, I felt the haze of stylistic doubt begin to clear. There are plenty of stunning and cute maternity outfits out there, I realised; I just had to make an effort to actually find them.

1. Comfort first

One of things I struggled with most during my pregnancy was how sensitive my body seemed to be towards any heat. Even on cool days I couldn’t shake the clamminess, as if the entire planet suddenly doubled in humidity. The only thing that made this bearable was my choice in breathable and comfortable maternity wear. And so the mission was on. Try to find something that would keep me looking great and radiant, accentuating my curves, while still giving my body some breathing and moving room. So while looking to buy maternity clothes in Melbourne I came across quite a few adorable outfits that could offer me both elegance and extreme comfort, a combination I always imagined would be somewhat impossible.

2. Trust your own sense of style

You know what cuts and hues suit you best to accentuate your natural features and (most importantly) skin tones. Falling pregnant doesn’t have to change the rules of your usual dress sense; sure while the cuts may have to differ to offer you a decent level of comfort, there is no need to change any other aspects of your usual style. Look through as many catalogues as you can, mix and match as if your wardrobe was an artist’s paint pallet. Trust the sense of style you have always had to guide your choices, and select sizes and cuts with an open mind that accommodates for the changes you can expect in your body.

3. Shop online

This is a piece of advice that is often overlooked since people are sometimes a little reluctant to buy items over the net. But shopping online for maternity wear can have a score of advantages if you do it right. You might find that the selection of styles available to you over the net is far larger than that of any local store, since they can pool their products from a range of designers which might not be available in the shops. There are plenty of online dealers who can help you find your style, and if you buy from one that is local to you, you might find that the prices fare far better than any physical retailer, since maternity wear is quite specialized, and so not likely to be stocked as fully as it can be.

4. Don’t go too crazy

The excitement of finding a selection of maternity clothes that can work with your sense of style can cloud your purchasing judgment a little. It’s important to remember that (thankfully) pregnancy doesn’t last forever, and once it is done you will still have to do something with the clothes you’ve brought. In keeping true to your sense of style when you shop means that your clothes will be right for you, but not necessarily anyone else, and so the clothes might just go unused after your pregnancy, so try not to overdo it when you buy them.

A much better way of doing it, is to allocate parts of your budget for clothes that will work at different stages of your pregnancy. For instance, you can shop for more stylish clothes now, more comfortable ones for later, and even breastfeeding tops for after you have given birth. Doing it this way will make your budget stretch further, and won’t leave you with a pile of unusable clothes when your little miracle is born.

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