It's just so confusing!

Okay so today marks the start of October, although I still may be in a little denial about that. 
Quite possibly confusing myself as well as I sat and spent most of the day at work thinking it was in fact Friday... I obviously just really want the week to be over now.
But last few days especially I have noticed the sun is back in full force. 
Wednesday late afternoon the sky was literally bright blue and not a cloud in sight! 
The mornings a tad chilling but by the time it's time to walk home it's warmed right up.
I am just getting even more confused. 
It's October where are my beautiful autumn trees, and crunchy leaves on the floor!? 

Nature honestly can't make it mind any more what it wants to do, poor sods.
The seasons are getting more and more off sync each year by a few weeks each time.
It's CONFUSING I tell you!
I don't want snow at Easter and Summer weather when the child have gone back to school,
That is just annoying and wrong but there is nothing that can be done, we didn't listen, we didn't change in time and now everything really has got confusing.

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