My Little Pony - Spooktacular Tales

Hasbro Studios have been releasing the ever popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series on DVD as you may have realised on the blog lately. Now just in time for Halloween is the latest edition, Spooktactular Pony Tales. DVD and the Digital Download is on sale from the 5th October.

You are in for a treat, lets gather round the camp fire for SIX mysterious tales, Equestria is aglow with all the fun that Nightmare Night brings, including pumpkins, costumes, candy and friends. With everything from a giant bear monster in the Everfree Forest to the mischievous Diamond Dogs up to no good, the herd have a lot to contend with. Even Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike come together for some ghostly escapades, but Princess Cadance gets into a spot of bother when Queen Chrysalis conjures up a devious plan…

Episodes included:
Boast Busters / Stare Master / Luna Eclipsed / A Dog and Pony Show 
/ The Mysterious Mare Do Well / A Canterlot Wedding Part 2.

This DVD would make a great gift alternative to the tons of chocolate received at Halloween.
And features the lesser seen Princess Luna which was loved!

*We were sent the MLP dvd in return for this review, this does not affect our opinions in any way.

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