Tsum Tsum Haul

I have been sucked into a lot of collections in the past especially as a child, whatever the last craze was I am pretty sure it wasn't long before I was hassling my parents to get me some so I wouldn't miss out. Like most people I am still a fan of disney (mainly the old classics, but they have brought out a few new goodies) I can't even remember where I first saw these cute items most probably instagram... I blame that for most things. 
The soft plush versions are the originals, having one or two sneak into the basket every so often when visiting Disney Store or Clintons. Then I found out they release a new set every month! Although I have been pretty good and only doing it when I have spare money. They used to just be sat on the shelf but after a shopping trip I came home with a very cute unit from TigerUK for only £5 and it keeps them all cuddled up at night.  
As usual though when things become popular everyone else began to cash in on it, Disney Stores brought out kitchenware and bags, Wilkos brought out stationary and now The Entertainer has brought out the adorable little squishy tsum tsums. (inserts love heart eyes emoji) available in 2, 4, 5 packs with 1 being a mystery tsums in each. These are adorable but can be a bugger to stack. Having only been out a month, there is already groups online where you can swap those pesky doubles. If it wasn't bad enough there is a collectors card to get exclusives, which of course has sucked me in! but how can you not be, with these cute little faces.

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