So its been a bit of a busy weekend and it has been a while since I have just done a simple weekend round up post and I also have a been of an update to share with you all. So Saturday woke up to a lot of social media activity to do with the first sights of snow, was a little sad I didn't see any but I could definitely feel that the temperature had dropped over night. I didn't want to leave my bed! The day had to go on though, and this Saturday was swimming and lunch out. A treat day as such. I am still not 100% happy in the water, I can't swim properly and the idea of being in a swim suit in front of people always makes me nervous. After that awkward thing of dashing out the pool and getting yourself dry and clothed before you freeze your arse off. It was time to go out for lunch in which I had a very yummy turkey roast and a gorgeous sponge for pudding. Now that is a pretty good day in my books.   
Sunday, was no day of rest here. Up and out and heading to Margate Kent for 2 hours of intense fitness workouts. As much as I can moan, of how much it takes out of me, I LOVE IT! This class is becoming so popular with groups of people and I don't blame people enjoying it. Fight Klub has classes all over the place and easy to find your local one via their website. "FIGHT KLUB® is the high intensity fun workout that makes getting in shape an addiction. Set to music, the program is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing." Although I am beginning to think it defeats the object if you go out to Mcdonalds after this class, oops! but to end a very active weekend and ignoring the crap, insanely cold weather the sky was full of beautiful colours.

As for the update, as some may have started to realise I am beginning to use the facebook page a bit more, to try and be social so if you aren't already following or want to be a bit nosey do pop over and say hello 

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