Gift Guide for Her

So Christmas is right round the corner now, but there is still time to fit in buying those last minute presents. To start with I thought I would chuck out some ideas for women {basically because it's easy to based of ideas on what I would like} and can be adapted for others.

chamilia charms   /   LED star   /   NOW TV Box   /   NowTV giftcards   /   Disney PJs   /   2pk house storage boxes

From bracelet charms to represent memories, or just as a treat to home accessories (especially loving the LED star) and indulge yourself in the new colouring craze that has hit this year. There doesn't have to be a huge price tag.

I am loving the NowTV box, instead of just watching my favourite shows and movies on the ipad I can now enjoy them on the TV screen and the box itself does not take up a lot of room. Plus you can ask people for gift cards instead constant subscription. 

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