How To Choose The Perfect School For Your Children

Choosing the right school for your children is the most important decision a parent will ever make. Your child’s formative school years will shape their future, both academically, and personally. Everything from the friends they make to the skills they learn will carve out their entire lives.

It’s not an easy job, choosing the right schools. There are all sorts of factors to consider, from the teachers to the location to the reputation. It’s a careful balance of priorities, and there is no right answer. It all depends on what you value most as a parent. But of course, don’t forget to look at everything with a child’s eye view. How will they feel about the school? To help get you started, we've listed some of the most important considerations below.

The teachers

One of the most important factors is the teaching staff. This is particularly important in the early years of schooling, where engagement is key. Make sure you sit down and talk to the teachers before you make a decision. Are they actively engaged in development and growth, or are they just there to teach the syllabus? You’re looking for teachers that take a unique approach to each and every student in the class. Another great tip is to get to know the head-teacher. What is their attitude towards running a school? Does it align with your attitude towards child development?

The curriculum focus

There is, of course, a national curriculum and syllabus that all schools must follow. However, each institution can take this in a different direction. Again, this all starts in the earliest stages of schooling. Make sure the teachers are focused on words and mathematics. Ensure that reading and speaking skills are a heavy curriculum focus. Make sure that maths is on the agenda from the earliest years. Children adopt these habits and skills from an early age, and the best schools accommodate this.

Library facilities

The library is the centre of every good school. It is the hub of learning and resources, and your children should be encouraged to use it well. Take a long look around the library of any prospective school. Speak to the librarian, and ensure that there is a constant flow of new books. Take a look at the general upkeep of the facilities. Is the library shelving up to par, and are the computer systems up to date?

Rankings and inspections

Every school is subject to yearly inspections by independent review. In the UK, this is the Ofsted inspections, which provides a rank for local schools. It’s an easy way to see which of the local schools are performing best.

Good leisure facilities

Last of all, don’t forget about the leisure facilities at the school. Schools aren't just about learning, they’re about all-around personal growth. And that means good fitness and leisure equipment. Statistics show that children need regular breaks, and good exercise. Make sure your chosen school has access to this.

Choosing the right school is an incredibly important decision. Take the time to visit as many as possible, and find the right fit for your children. Good luck!

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