Keep The Magic In Your Child Alive

In a sometimes cynical world it’s easy to lose sight of the real magic of childhood. As parents, we’d love it if our kid’s innocence and imagination lasted forever. We do our best to perpetuate the wonder in various crazy ways such the Tooth fairy, the Easter bunny or Santa. We love it when the magic fills their hearts. In giving them a taste of magic we’re hoping to ignite their imaginations and to teach them that anything is really possible. Here are some great ideas to keep that sense of magic flowing.

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Once upon a time
Reading is a great way to bond with your children. Reading a bedtime story as often as we can allow us and them to grow together. There’s a real sense of setting out on a shared adventure. Soon the stories become favorites. And even though we know exactly what is going to happen, somehow that doesn't spoil the fun of the journey. Fairy tales are timeless adventures and as you share them together you are starting a process in them for imaginative thinking. And you are giving them books that will never leave them

Treasure Hunts
These are brilliant because they can be done inside if the weather is terrible. But it is outside that a treasure hunt or trail comes into its own. Spend a little time working out some clues and off you go! Stay ahead of the pack and perhaps bury small rewards along the way. You can lead them around the bush and back again. Beach versions are great. You can join in or grab the camera and record the fun.

Magic Sets
Magic sets make brilliant presents but get yourself skilled up and in on the act. Let your inner child out. We see a trick well done and we know it is an illusion, but that is all part of the fun. Children love seeing tricks we all love being a part of the delight. It also a great way to teach your children patience and how to practise. Magic skills can be with them for life. Look at how the suppliers at http://www.magicnevin.com/ can let you in on a hundred ways to cast a spell.

Adventure trips to theme parks.
You're never too old to enjoy these, and while Disney may hold the crown, most countries have a good homegrown version. Get a voucher and book a family date.Treat your family to a day pass for a trip that they will never forget. Roller Coaster rides optional.

Pantomimes and shows
Taking the children out to the theatre makes for a magical day or night out. It is particularly brilliant at this time of the year. Pantomimes are lovely to take small and big children along too.You’ll laugh together and really get a kick out of a fabulous occasion. Check out the seasonal listings and book yourself some tickets.

Cooking time
This is a great way of bonding. Just get some recipe cards and spend the afternoon or morning baking up a storm. Chocolate chip cookies or muffins, pancakes or waffles. And if good baking and making marshmallows aren't magic, I don’t know what is

Fly a kite.
Looking for a fun activity on a windy day? ‘Let’s fly a kite,’ still has all the magical appeal it ever did. A kite construction kit would be a cool present. You’d get a real sense of achievement taking it out to fly. There’s something liberating and magical in seeing your kite high up in the sky.

Whatever you get up do, enjoy it with your children and keep the magic alive for everybody this season.

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