A touch of decor inspiration

I must confess I have many ideas on what I want 2016 to be all about. Little bits and pieces I wish to focus more on in order to get 'my ideal life', sounds cheesy I know. 

One of these things though is that I want a 'pretty' house. Don't get me wrong I do love the place but it's my bedroom this statement really stands towards as that is my centre for storage, obviously where I attempt to sleep and it's where I will sit and blog, work and study. This all came about from simply being envious of other people's instagram feeds and blogs of beautiful rooms. Perfect simple layouts, the little touches that make the whole room it is something I have never been able to achieve. A lot of that is because I am a messy person.
So I began to look around the internet for inspiration and I came across a site though that has given me so much, there is lots of design and decor on you can get lost in another world of perfect looking homes and buildings. There is the ability to look for certain rooms, see landscape designs and even lifestyle posts on celebs, travel and cooking. What I love about this site is the fact it can give me inspiration from all over the world.

It is an ideal site if you wanted to start a big project, or just wanted to update a room or two. The travel posts leave me wanting to explore the world with so many amazing architectures out there to check out.


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