DIY book themed frames


What do you need:
  • Frame (I use the 23x23cm Ribba Ikea frame)
  • Books (preferable go explore the charity shops, and don't use your best books)
  • Scissors / Scalp
  • Mod Podge and Brush

Getting started:
  • Firstly pick out and rough cut out the pages with images you wish to use.
  • Then its time to lay and overlap, the images to find that look you really like, I find I quite like going at all different angles.

overlapping is key
  • Once you are happy, use the mod podge to stick the images in place. (or you could you a glue stick)
  • Use the scalp to tidy up the edges. I did this every so often as I was glueing as I found it easier to see what I was doing.
  • Then it's up to you but I added a layer of mod podge to the top.

using the scalp to tidy up
Time to assemble the frame, putting the collaged edge to the front firstly.
Then I decided to print off a quote on coloured paper and stuck in to the back of the frame to give it depth as it is a box frame.

end result

I have also managed to use the same method to create a Cinderella themed frame for a friend. They make great gifts, or a perfect edition to a child nursery/bedroom. The possibility of themes is unlimited.

Cinderella Edition

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