Leeds Castle before Christmas

I love Leeds Castle, it is slowly becoming one of my favourite outdoor spaces in Kent alongside Bedgebury.
The last time I went was just before Christmas with my friend, and family members little girl. 
Leeds Castle had a Christmas market, fair rides and the castle itself was decorated. 
It was truly beautiful.

The weather was good too which meant exploring outside was enjoyable.
I love that no matter how many times you go, you always end up spotting different.
For the first time in years, I had a go at the maze. 
I honestly felt a tad dizzy going round in circles, so was safe to say I was very happy when we found the middle with the help of a little trick.
The maze consists of 2,400 yew trees and when viewed from the centre, part of its plan mirrors a queen’s crown.

Being able to buy tickets that are valid for the year, means you can explore in all seasons. 
Plus Leeds Castle is a great place to visit in the half terms, as they often run little trails for the kids to follow and win a prize at the end. That's a win in my books.

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