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Friday whilst shopping my eye was drawn into the flowers, and there in the middle was a bright, colourful dyed rose, automatically it went in the trolley. 

After having a pretty low week, completely stressed out by deadlines and new projects and generally reaching that point after several weeks of being on the go I was just too tired. I have found myself slipping back into old ways, bottling things up (which of course does not help the lowness) and not doing the best I know I can do.

However this funky single rose I brought home has made me smile to no end, on my windowsill it catches the sun and the colours just look beautiful. Seriously one the of the best purchases I have made this month. 

You can't help but smile. 

This is my sort of flower, and I need these all year round. 

I am hoping that this week will be better, and that this week will go quick. Although I do not want to wish the time away. I will be quite happy to get back to focusing on the important things. 

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