I'm no beauty blogger

As the title says really, but beauty and fashion blogging seems MASSIVE now a days.

Typically being 21, female and a blogger I get lots of requests for make-up related reviews. If it comes with a dummies guide, or it's nail related then send it this way, those things I can deal with.

I'm lucky if I have the time to plaster on the make-up in the morning, unless I've had a crap night sleep then I am desperately trying to hide those bags under the eyes. Then again though like I say when it comes to make-up I don't really know what I am doing other than the bare basics. 

Yesterday I was mucking about, decided to film the basics of my make-up routine. Sped it up and took a massively deep breathe and posted it to instagram, I wanted to truly see how big or even supportive the beauty blogger community is because it is something that fascinates me. Knowing compared to other videos I have watched, mine was lets put it this way... shite. I wasn't expecting much.

If someone would love to teach me how to do my make-up, recommend a good make-up brand set up (because mine are just cheap and cheerful products at the moment) then do comment below.

Foundation - Miss Sporty InstaGlow
Eye liner - Miss Sporty black Kohl eye pencil
Mascara - Natural Collection LashBuild

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