‘Must Remember That?’

Ever find yourself getting half way through the day and then realising it is someone's birthday (don't deny it we have all been there), when was that pesty doctors appointment again? or can't remember when you next due to pay the mobile phone bill. 

Well then there may just be something that can help you, in this time of need.

A new reminder APP called Must Remember That? it will remind you of the important things in your life that sometimes get forgotten. It is ideal for those with busy lives, who have lots to organise, but sometimes the organisation seems like just another task in a list of many things to do.

I can see this being so helpful for family life, for the busy working people and could even be set up to help the elderly if they had some technology. I have already signed up myself online to try it out and it is so easy to use. As people will know I am terrible at remembering to get things done, or even what day it is in general.

web based reminders.
Best of all, ‘Must Remember That!’ is completely free and incredibly simple to use. 
You can set your first reminder in under two minutes and additional reminders take seconds.

So why not sign up for an account today.

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