My Dream Garden

I would love a house with a big garden one day, for the chance to attempt gardening (and not just kill all the plants). Some play equipment for when kids are about, of course some storage. Lighting, heating is a must! I want a garden that can be used all day and into the evening for parties.

If someone gave me an unlimited budget and that nice big area of garden that I dream for then these ideas would be at the top of my list. 

Colour is a must when Spring comes round so there would be plenty of flower beds with pretty flowers and some evergreens that can last through the winter, and a dedicated area for growing fruits and veg like strawberries and blackberries, who doesn't love fresh fruits. Although someone will have to teach me have to actually look after them!

No garden is complete without a rattan dining set, suitable for all weathers this particular natural set with rounded table looks beautiful, on the decking with a fire pit nearby for those colder evenings and a garden lit up by solar lights. Perfect for those day time family bbq's and then those evening gatherings with friends. 

A play area with storage would be perfect for family life, sticking with a wooden theme. I am loving the raised water / sand tables that can be moved around easily and packed away smaller to keep everything tidy. A slide / swing combo seem very popular and a storage box for all those garden games.

Okay so I'll just continue to dream away, but for now I'll settle for our little garden of beautiful flowers and patio area with the dining set.

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