Top 5 Disney Movies

You can't really escape the phenomenon that is Disney no matter what age you are, it is everywhere and doesn't look like it's going to give up any time soon. I have always been a Disney fan and always being around children I still find myself indulging in Disney to this day, so I came up with the idea that over the upcoming months I will do some Disney themed lists. Starting with my top five Disney movies, although they are in no particular order because there is no way I can have a all time favourite. 

1. Oliver & Company. It's such a cute film, I have been known to watch it several times in one day. I love the music, I like the fact it is quite a story. It's a good film about friendship and morals. 

2. Peter Pan. The boy that didn't want to grow up, now this film is perfect because really if you think about it, it has a bit of everything. It's got fairies, pirates, mermaids, Indians and children having adventures. What more could you ask for?!

3. Cinderella. Hands down my favourite Princess, I think it's just that perfect storyline of a girl who is kind of a nobody, treated like rubbish. Yet she gets to sneak off to a party and eventually ends up with that dream prince and lovely life. 

4. Mary Poppins. So not so much a typical Disney animation film (although there are some aspects) but again it's a perfect film for having a bit of a sing along. I guess really it's a film about the power of imagination and growing up.   

5. Winnie the Pooh. Now there have been various editions of Winnie the Pooh films like Piglet's Big Movie, The Tigger Movie ect. I love them all. Winnie the Pooh was just a childhood classic figure you grew up knowing, the adorable stuffed bear and his buddies having little adventures.

Now they are my top five choices, so what would yours be?!

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