Rented Accomodation: Essential Tips You Need To Consider Before Moving Out


Renting can be a tricky business. It’s generally cheaper and more flexible than a mortgage, but you’ll have to tread more carefully. After all, it’s not your property. You’ll be answering to your landlord, and it’s he who has the final say in most property decisions.


So, you have to be careful, and minimal, with decorating. Everything has to be clean and tidy, and you can’t go too wild with those house parties. Whether it’s a flat or a shared house, the same rules apply, and when your tenancy is up, the place needs to be flawless.

When you first move in, you’ll hand over a deposit, and you’ll get it back at the end of the tenancy. This deposit is usually a month's rent plus £100. So, if you want to get it back in full, here are some essential tips for you to consider before you move out.

Paint the walls (again)

You’ve moved into your flat, and the walls are an awful turquoise-blue colour. That’s not appealing in the slightest, and you decide to change them to a nice, simple cream colour. However, before you move out, they’ll need to return to that original state. The one major rule of renting is to leave everything as you found it, and that includes paint jobs.

If you are interested in home decor, feel free to check out our home decorating guide, on a budget!

Clean, clean and clean some more

Again, that one golden rule of renting also applies here, in spades. No bottle caps, wrappers or fruit skins lying about, and no mess. Not enough people are thorough with their end of tenancy cleaning, but you absolutely should be. If you want to ensure you get every penny of that deposit back, make sure the place is spotless.

Collect everyone’s keys

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You probably only got handed one key and a spare when you moved in, but you may have had more cut. Your neighbours, friends and family may have a set, and you need to round them up. It’s a show of good faith for the landlord, and will go a long way to making him trust you. After all, you can’t move out while your best friend Shirley still has a key, it’s illogical.

Empty the fridge, freezer and cupboards

The smell of old food is often ghastly, so imagine if that smell was your fault. Whether it’s a block of cheese or some old yoghurt, get rid of your food when you move out! If you aren’t eating it, throw it. Empty out your fridge, freezer, cupboards, anywhere that stores food. Your landlord won’t be pleased if the fridge is stocked when you leave.

As an extension, you should also be clearing out anything that wasn’t there when you moved in. Clothes, books, Blu-Ray’s, the list goes on.

Above all, keep your landlord happy. You deserve that deposit back, but if you don’t play by the rules, you won’t be eligible for it. So get cleaning, scrubbing and tidying, because that money is waiting!

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