Vape Shoreditch Kit

Small enough to fit through the postbox so you don't even have to be home for the delivery. Vape Shoreditch is trying something new, the ability to have your e-liquids delivered straight to your door monthly, so you never run out. 

The choice of 21 flavours including Chocolate, Gummy Bear and Parma Violet with the added option of different strengths (6mg, 12mg & 18mg).

Interested in your very own vape kit, priced at just £19.99 and e-liquids at £3.33 and you can choose your e-liquids then like I say get them delivered directly to you (for free) on a monthly basis so you don’t run out! This service you can cancel at any time so you are not tied to some contract.

Easy to unpack and set up the shoreditch two is a slim white pen, easy to fit in your pocket. The kit comes with the Mirco-USB charging lead and a spare coil. I past this kit onto a friend, as I am not a smoker myself but she said that "the vape pen was so nice to use, and the liquids provided smelt amazing and had a beautiful taste to them." So I am guessing that is a big thumbs up!

If you are thinking about finally quitting the cigarettes and can't quite go cold turkey just yet, then the step to vaping maybe the best choice. This seen as the 'safer' alternative supported by UK Goverement and can save you hundreds of pounds a year. Vape Shoreditch really does make the beginning of the transition over, simple.

Want to find out more why not talk to the team behind the company themselves:
Online at
Instagram @vapeshoreditch
Twitter @vapeshoreditch

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