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Heart Rate Monitor

You don't need any adapter whatsoever! You will only need a compatible smartphone. The data is directly transmitted through Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth v4.0) wireless technology, and devices supporting the feature can immediately connect to the heart rate monitor after some small changes in their settings. Just think about it - you won’t have to connect or adjust anything every time you use the heart rate monitor!

Mine is currently paired up with my apple fitness app and RunKeeper on my iphone 6s and does wonders. It is great to keep tract of my heart rate especially during harder workouts, the devices is lightweight and once you have it on you soon forget it is there and it doesn't interfere with activities. The strap is adjustable so it can fit many different sizes. 

heart rate monitor

Key Finder

PagerTag is a cool and simple device that can keep track of your valuables (keys, wallets, suitcase, laptop bag, backpack - whatever is tagged with PagerTag) One papertag is required for each item. The papertag will alert you if something goes out of range, great for if items are stolen, if you are travelling or use on pets. 

Through a single app downloadable on iOS or android.  The sounds and LED lights are very helpful in alerting me, when I have put the keys down and cant work out where, which happens all too often. Sometimes the range on the blue-tooth can be a little rubbish, which is not helpful when the keys could be the other side of the house.

Papertag is helpful is such situations:
  • If you can't find your keys in a rush or you can't find them in your bag
  • If you left your wallet or purse behind or misplaced it
  • If you attach PagerTag to your travel bag, your phone will notify you when it is nearby at the baggage claim area
  • If your tagged pet is outside of a set range
  • If your item has being stolen
the papertag

*we were offered these items to review for free, this does not affect our opinions.

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