when superheroes come out to play


We all need a superhero in our lives, and no I don't mean the fit men and women that you see on TV that fly, having super strength and wonderful powers. I am talking of the everyday heroes that help so many people and the superheroes that refuse to give up a battle easily. Sunday 15th May was a day to unite all those people, to have fun and raise money for amazing causes. All dressed as superheroes.

warm up time

Hidden away in Regents Park, the beautiful weather was out. After a quick collection of a FREE costume choice of Bat or Super. It wasn't long before I met my lovely team for the first time, after working together for so long and waiting for everything to start. A very long and slightly weird warm routine - before actually hitting the course. Which I had no idea what the route was because there was no map. oh well!

Getting round the course in one piece was not too bad, but I felt there was a lot of going somewhat back on yourself which put me off a bit. I like seeing different things all the way round the route, but then again I am just a fuss pot runner. 

I did it! and I am glad to have done it for an amazing cause! 


the team

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