The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Your Child's Confidence

Play together

Not having time to play with your child is the ultimate rejection. Make time to stop what you’re doing and focus on play on-on-one with your child. Every time you dedicate this time to concentrate on them. It’s a small boost of confidence; they notice that they’re worth your time.

Not only will this help them, but it gives you time to relax and see the world as they do. Stop thinking about work and responsibilities and live on their level for an hour. Even if it’s something simple you may not find interesting, you shouldn’t ever think “I could be doing something more important right now.” The most important job in the world is raising a happy, confident human being!

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Reward them when they do well

Nothing feels better in life than recognition of your skills and achieving your goals. As an adult, it’s still greatly appreciated when someone says “well done” for something you’ve achieved.

This rule applies even more for children. If you notice them trying particularly hard with a task recently. Or they’ve managed to do something amazing in their development (no matter how small!) Think of awarding them with a treat or for bigger accomplishments consider using a trophy as an award. The ones at premier trophies are creative and can give you an idea of what you could give them. You can even get it engraved. They’ll look back every time they see it on their shelf, remembering how proud you were and how well they did.

Promote social skills

Your child may have you to turn to when things get rough, but again, think of your life. We often turn to our friends for support in life. It’s especially important for a child to learn the skills involved in making and keeping friends.

Make sure your child knows how to pick a good company. Make sure the other kids they have around them is supportive and kind. Teach your child to be kind to others, and to sense when they aren’t being treated fairly. A social child will grow to be very comfortable in these situations, which is great for confidence and life in general!

Answer Questions

A big reason people often aren’t confident is that they don’t know something. Don’t be afraid to answer your child questions and don’t get bored with it. Just think how incredible it is to be so curious about the world. It’s easy to get frustrated when your child keeps asking “why?” but they’re soaking up every bit of information you give them.

If they’re asking questions you don’t know the answer to, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” This becomes a lesson on how to find something out. Show them that they can use books and the internet to locate the answer to almost every question in the world. Look things up in front of them, and share the knowledge you’ve learned. Your child will quickly learn how to find information for themselves. More experience always means more confidence!

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