5 Autumn Crafts for Toddlers

Autumn truly is a beautiful time of the year, with the leaves changing colour - spider webs collecting the dew in the mornings. Children love nature, and the chance to get a bit messy if possible - the two just go together. Are you feeling a little stuck for Autumn craft inspiration though?

Here are five much loved activities to do with toddlers this Autumn:

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- This very simple leafy hedgehog from DLTK literally only needs, paper, scissors, leaves and glue. Perfect follow up from a walk round the local area, you know kids pick up all the leaves they see.

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- You may have already started putting extra food out for the birds in the garden, but why not let children have a go at creating some mini bird treats like Red Ted Art did. Although you may find the children eat more of them then what actually goes on for the birds.

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- I know it is going to be hit and miss as to when the sun will actually come out anymore, but these autumn sun catchers from Crafts of Sea caught my eye. I love colour, and you don't just have to do leaf shapes, you could do Halloween themed.

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- Another one for those bits collected on your walk, inspired by Kids Craft Room to paint with nature. There is no set way to do this just set up a open space, some paints, paper and the children's recent finds (such as pinecones, acorns, conkers, leaves ect.). Encourage conversations about colours and textures.

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- Tuff spot play! Always a winner, I recommend investing in one if you don't already it's a great space for contained play. With there being lots of conkers about this is a great theme found by Butterflies Childminding - they are perfect for encouraging mathematics, from counting to simple sums - sorting by size. Include some tubes and baskets for fun play.

I hope this inspires some of you this Autumn to get outside, and get crafty!
Let me know in the comments if you have any other great ideas?

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